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  • 11"x10" Blue Handpainted Turkish Iznik Tulip Pattern Cini Jar Urn Canister

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    Turkish handmade and hand-painted ceramic jar/urn. The height of this item is around 11" (28cm) and widest area is around 9 1/2" (24cm). It is perfect for decoration. These items are made in Kutahya and at the bottom it states that it is handmade. These are the replicas of the Ottoman cini jars/urns. Urn made from fine china/cini (material used is called china or "cini") and biscuit also fully handmade.   It is decorated with Ottoman Tulip & floral designs. Main colors on this item are white, light blue and dark blue.  It takes an artisan around 5 days to handmade the biscuit, hand paint the pattern and bake this urn/jar multiple times.