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  • Iznik Tulip & Carnation Pattern 32"x40" Turkish Ceramic Tile MURAL PANEL

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    31 1/2"x39 1/2" (80cm x 100cm) Turkish ceramic raised tile set. Set is consist of 20 1/4" thick 7 7/8" x 7 7/8" (20cm x 20cm) tiles. Main colors on this tile are green, red, turquoise and dark blue. Cobalt blue and red sections are raised/textured and this gives 3D look.  These tiles are decorated with Ottoman floral designs (mainly red tulips).  These tiles has a layer of glaze on them and they can be used at moist areas.  Tiles are not molded, but they can also be molded or framed.  There is two border option. 

    1. Inner border has main pattern inside and turquoise color outside (first two pictures)
    2. Outer border main pattern outside and turquoise color inside (last picture)